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100% upcycled jewelry & accessories

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Built strong.

Built beautiful.

Since 2007, MakeShift has been forging men's and women's accessories using industrial and cultural artifacts. Century-old harness leather, antique bronze machinery, copper wire, and the like - each reclaimed material has a history and a story to tell as it is re-forged into the finished work.


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Military Collection

Each MakeShift piece utilizes materials that carry meaning, skillfully forged to draw forth the historical richness of each piece. Our Military Collection showcases this process in its fullest.

This art is crafted using spent weaponry as the raw material from four major armed conflicts of the 20th century: the Great WarWorld War II, the Korean War, & the Vietnam War. Brass shell casings from US tanks, artillery, & long-range naval weaponry have been cut, textured, & highlighted to show off the decades-old patina.

World Coin Collection

Money is a quantification of human energy.

These coins - which have journeyed through countries and eras - have lost all monetary value but still carry the culture and travels of the world through the hands of thousands of people who once treasured them. They have found their way into my studio and have been reworked into authentic coin art. Some cultures believe that carrying coin adornments bring financial luck. 

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